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Just 6 Weeks Less-Abled : S32 | Obstacles are there to make us think differently

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

After yesterday's disappointment of the cancellation of my jailbreak to see my god daughter due to my accomplice's bout of flu it was over to me to see what change I could bring to my world.

Given the sunshine bathing the day in its uplifting brightness, a trip to the 'Friendship Bench' at the end of my street was definitely on the cards. It was beautiful. The birdies were enjoying the day as much as I - their birdsong was riotous & joy-full.

"Now where to?" I thought. "I know, there are benches in the playing field behind the village hall. I can make it that far!"

So off I waddled. It really is no distance at all but it was new to me in my less-abled state and thus an adventure.

I had a choice - stay to my left and walk on the pavement or cross over at the end of my street and walk along the road. The former I knew meant negotiating a couple of steps, the latter was flat. However the latter is also more dangerous as you can't be seen so easily by cars and so I opted to stay on the pavement.

I was up for an adventure and the steps certainly were that. Something you do without thinking. Now I stood at the top figuring out the best way to tackle them and then, if I did, would I be safe. Luckily the handrail was on the side of my free hand and with no degree of elegance whatsoever I made it down. The sense of achievement was ridiculously big!

Across the road, across the village hall car park and there my targets were in sight. I was excited. They faced directly towards the morning sun and as there was almost no breeze I should be able to sit there a good while. I advanced slowly.

"Darn," I muttered. Or perhaps my words were a tad more colourful. Scuppered within metres of my destination.

"So near and yet so far," I said out loud to no one but myself.

I had my small wedge shoe and its twin on. I do not wear either on wet grass as these are my indoor shoes that I clean thoroughly every time I get back from my ambles. When I feed the birdies in the garden I wear the original wedge shoe that is too big with a plastic bag over my foot so the cast and bandages do not get wet; on the right foot I wear a thick-soled leather boot.


I turned round and went back home. Going back up the steps was a lengthy affair but I made it.

It was such a lovely day. I made a flask of tea, put on an extra coat, grabbed a blanket and went out to sit in the garden with my foot up on the patio wall, listen to the birdies and watch the recently-arrived murmuration of starlings on the feeders. They come every year at this time, the pretty, greedy bully birds that they are. They even chase the larger blackbirds away and the poor little birdies don't get a look in. But they need food too. They won't be here for long and when they dance at sunset they are a sight to behold.

As I made the most of the sunshine I formulated a plan. I was determined to make it to the benches at the playing field the next day.

It is now 'the next day' - Tuesday - and I am back from my adventure to the benches at the playing field. It is fair to say that walking over there in the old shoe and my leather boot has left me with a wee bit of pain in my back but it will pass. It is worth it. Such a sense of accomplishment to make it to my destination. To see a new view, a much wider vista than I am now used to. To see the conifer forest in the distance, many deciduous trees in their autumn finery and see the frost-turned-to-dew glistening in the gentle sunshine. I met a wee doggie and spoke briefly to its human. On the way back I walked a short way with another neighbour who told me it was lovely to see me out and about.

Obstacles are not there to stop us but rather to make us think differently; to change out thinking so we can find a way to overcome the challenge we face. Not for the first time I found myself saying out aloud as I sat on the bench a while ago smiling at the sunshine,

"Where there is a will there is a way."

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