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Whispers From The Rice Fields

Wanderings & Wonderings from Bali

Published on Amazon in paperback & Kindle  June 2020

'Whispers From The Rice Fields' takes you on a journey in your mind’s eye into the rich culture and everyday life of Bali, allowing you to go on adventures without leaving your arm chair or sun lounger. In the midst of the global SARS-CoV-2 pandemic facing the world in 2020 these stories will hopefully inspire in you the belief that this, too, will pass and one day we will will be able to travel again, be that to far flung lands, or exploring and observing life in our own countries.

Once I began wandering I became a 'wonderer' if you will, endlessly inspired and amazed by the world and people around me. I began to keep journals, sometimes daily, sometimes just random ramblings and it was to these I turned when I started to pen stories about my wanderings across Asia 15 years ago.

These stories grew in number and were published in 'Wanderings & Wonderings - Whispers From The Rice Fields', a regular column on travel and positive thinking I wrote for Bali’s widest-read English language newspaper for 2 years. The essays in this anthology are collection from my adventures in Bali.

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