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Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Bravery comes in many forms For some it is in battle in a foreign land For others it is in battle with their body

One day a diagnosis out of the blue Turns life on its head Turfs plans out the window

What’s this? Why me? I don’t know what to do

Plaintive cries echo in the darkness As you stand alone despite those around you For you alone can fight this battle

There is advice of course From the medics and others There is treatment in various forms

Diagnosis turns to prognosis At some point down the line You always hope for the best

Against all odds you fight Try this and that Mainstream and sometimes out of the stream

You do whatever you need to do It is the way It is your fight

But life is such that death - that word we are not meant to utter - Is inevitable and so it arrives

Even when expected Such as it can be It knocks the living sideways

But we need to respect It was your battle You chose weapons that suited you

You fought so hard It wasn't always easy But fight you did

And now you have moved on from this life But please know My life is richer because of you

You will never be forgotten

In memory of my ex-father in law, David Wells Snr who took charge of his fight with cancer and chose a path his family did not support at the time. A courageous soul.

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