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The Man Who Spoke With His Eyes

This was written in the Funan Food Court in Singapore in 2009. I found it today when I was going through some old notebooks. I remember this encounter as if it were yesterday...

They stared at you

they did

At your difference

At your height

At your eyes

At the curve of your spine

They did not see

what I did

You asked to

clear my plate

A raised eyebrow

and eye connection

No words

I smiled with you

eyes to eyes

Said yes


You asked me

how my meal was

A circle of your

thumb and forefinger

I smiled with you

eyes to eyes

And said yes

thank you

You walked away

In your shuffle

I saw a

spring in your step

Behind you

you left a

spring in my heart.

© Jacqueline Le Sueur 2009

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