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Life Ever Longing

Look around you.

At reflections

in mirrors

and patterned glass.

At those you know

and who you don't,

including your self.

What do you see?

Happiness, joy,

life fully lived;

or do you see

life ever-longing?

For what may be,

in one week or two,

this year or next,

five years or ten.

When we've got

more time,

are older,

have money.

This very moment

in which we live.

This ephemeral footstep in time.

Is this not the most important?

Is it not better

to live and know love,

to cry and know laughter,

to fall and be able to rise.

To walk in the light

and the dark,

and then

in the light once again.

Life is too short.

Too precious.

None of us knows

what awaits.

Have courage.

Be daring.

Take risks.

Live. And love.

To the full.


Written in Singapore at a time of great change in my life.

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