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On the matter of choice

Updated: Jan 30, 2020

Born of love

one likes to think

They never told you

Actions speak louder than words

Their actions told of no love unspoken

But instead

of resentment and anger

that you came into the world

Like a broken record

You didn't understand

You thought it all a mistake

They didn't belong to you

You came from someone else

But that was just denial

You didn't want to believe

that those who brought you forth

could be so cruel

"Sticks and stones will break my bones

but words will never hurt me."

Childhood mantra


Words strike the deepest wound

Cut through the layers

no wall impenetrable


in permanent ink

Or so you thought

Time moves on




change the matrix

In your darkest hour

you think

"Can I forgive?

Can I forget?"

And then the demons came

travelling on the wings of death

A seemingly endless

drug-induced battle against illness

surgery on surgery


"Come on," you say

"I can beat you all."


but actually the truth

Demons equal rubbers

Triumph over them...

patterns, imprints erased

Enter step mother - stage right

Rug pulled

world upside down again

But you allowed it

Time stops for no man

Or woman


More surgery


Thankful for all past events

They molded you

to the person you are

Give thanks with open heart

to he and she

For all their deeds

Their words didn't hurt you

They fertilised you

You blossomed

Build the bridge

He is old

He is your father

No denying it

Tell him you love him

With unfettered heart

And forgiveness in your voice


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