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Just 6 Weeks Less-Abled : S + 5 | Bending the rules - an empowering act of rebellion

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

I am not supposed to be outside for the first 2 weeks of my recovery. I can see the sense in it because without a doubt foot down is a heck of a lot more painful than foot up. And let's face it there is a bit of a fall risk what with the high-fashion boot covering a cast, and a couple of crutches.

In fairness, I am not being entirely accurate. It is not so much that I shouldn't be outside ... I am not supposed to mobilise any more than is necessary. Anywhere, inside or out. 'Necessary' being making a drink, microwaving food, going to the little girl's room and taking a shower, when I have the energy. However ...

I am an outdoor girl and there is nary a day that passes that I do not spend time outside doing exercise of some sort - cycling or walking, even if not very far. It really is a mentally hard thing for me to accept that I cannot do this at the moment and it is this challenge that is one of the main reasons for writing everyday - hopefully to manage my frustration better and also to gain a greater understanding and appreciation of what life is like for people who are less-abled like this permanently.

In the lead up to my surgery the weather was awful - heavy rain and strong winds every day for the best part of a fortnight. Of course, Murphy's Law dictated that the day I was sliced and diced the weather turned on its head and we have had blue sky and sunshine for a decent part of every day since. I have been looking at it through the window: yesterday I sat at the back door on a little wooden nursing chair I have with my foot on a footstool. Today, however, I rebelled.

I broke the rules.

I got wrapped up, got hold of Fred and Ginger and went outside for half an hour. Luckily there is a grab rail by the back door if needed and a wee wall around my patio that raises my foot off the ground about 75% up to the height of my hip, elevation to hip height being the being the goal in order to minimise swelling.

I cannot describe how wonderful it was to soak up the bright, gentle sun; to breath in fresh autumn air & listen to the birdies sing. It’s so incredibly healing just to be outside and feel the gentle kiss of a soft breeze on my cheeks. My neighbour saw me over the fence and popped round for a chat, too, which was lovely.

I would never put my broken, bruised, screwed & pinned -together toe at risk. Of course I wouldn't However there are times in life when you have to weigh up pros and cons and today I figured the reward far outweighed risk.

So I broke the rules. And it was wonderful.

And if I'm honest, this little act of rebellion was pretty empowering in its own right too!!!

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