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  • Jacqueline Le Sueur

Just 6 Weeks Less-Abled : S41 | Well & Truly Going Stir Crazy

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

This morning, for the first time this week, I walked to the Friendship Bench and sat a while. A beautiful morning, bright and clear, no wind. It was lovely to sit at the end of the street, even if only for a few minutes. I do wish the other person that uses this bench regularly would not throw their slender, white, half-smoked cigarette butts at their feet on the pavement. This really does irritate me for when I ask smokers if they ever consciously litter, the vast majority say no. Yet, if you ask them if they throw butts on the floor almost all will admit they do. Why do they think this is not littering?

It was also delightful to be able to sit in the garden and listen to the birdies. The rain has prevented this for a while. It is just not healthy to be indoors looking out all the time. The starlings were raucous as usual, bullying all the other birdies away from the bird food. However, that said they are a delight to listen too.

I must admit, I am going stir crazy now. Only this week has my mojo really returned and I am feeling ready to get back to the real world, as it were. By this time tomorrow x-rays will be complete and the Scalpel Man will have made his pronouncement.

In truth I have no idea if this surgery has worked. I can feel something sharp between the metatarsal bones of the big toe and the one next door - the end of one of the screws? No idea. All I know is it is not pleasant.

Any which way, as much as I do not count time, have no clocks in my house and never wish my life away the next 24 hours are going to seem very loooooooooong.

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