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Just 6 Weeks Less-Abled : S39 & 40 | An Empty Diary & An Unexpected Jailbreak

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Yesterday (Tuesday) morning when I woke up I was a tad blue. No visitors nor jailbreaks scheduled until my escape to the hospital at the end of the week. For some reason this weighed heavy on my mind until I thought of what I have said to so many clients over the years ... there is nothing written, the pages are empty - all the better for you to define how you want to fill them.

Yesterday was a day spent in quiet reflection. My foot was very swollen and not conducive to sitting at the computer a working. I have been uploading photos to the stock sites I use but even doing that did not float my boat. It hurt too much. I appreciated the time. It enabled me to straighten out some thoughts that have been bubbling around.

Today I woke after a decent night's sleep feeling my aloneness. It overwhelms sometimes. This often happens, to be honest and when it does I make my office portable, as we can nowadays thanks to technology and I go and seek the company of strangers in a cafe somewhere. Not an option this morning, of course.

I found company as I was making my morning cuppa, as I often do, in the wireless of which I am a great fan. Since I have been housebound I have been listening to talking books as well. I have not done this for more than 15 years when I used to have a long commute to my two corporate wellness practices. Back in those days I used to take talking books on tape out from the library and listen to them in the car as I was driving. Nowadays, thankfully given my current position, we can buy and download audio books from the comfort of our sofas. It struck me this morning what good company they are. I am grateful for that ... and for having discovered a fantastic new author whose books are read by one of my favourite narrators.

Whilst I was sitting in bed before dawn listening to my book and sipping my cuppa I decided I needed to do something with my bandages and cast. The edges of the fibreglass cast are wickedly sharp and over the past week since I put the equestrian bandage around it my foot has been getting irritated by the cast as the bandage has stretched. This morning I decided it was time to liberate my ankle and my heel, give them some TLC and to protect the edges of the cast with whatever padding from my heel was left. I have no idea why I didn't do it sooner! Far more comfy and once I was able to apply some pawpaw cream to the newly exposed skin the infernal itching eased. Fantastic feeling! I cannot wait to get the rest of my foot back on Friday!

At lunchtime I had the best surprise! Jailbreak #6! Organised by accomplice 1, getaway car driven by accomplice 2. Coffee and cake shared by us 3 in a local cafe where we were far to busy nattering to take a photo! My getaway accomplice also took me to the supermarket saving me doing an online shop tomorrow.

Honestly, I cannot begin to tell me how much this outing meant. It was so thoughtful of accomplice 1 to figure out a way to make it happen and then to arrange it all with accomplice 2. My foot is feeling so very much better today and I felt properly cheerful when I received jailbreak plan details - I was really ready to go out.

My accomplices, you know who you are...thank you!!!

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